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For those who like to read our transcripts of Marg’s interviews, the 2015 Press Archive has been updated to include Marg’s appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Now, and The Talk to discuss the CSI series finale. Thanks so much to Sharon for her infinite patience in typing these up.

Marg on Entertainment Tonight, September 2015 (Transcript)

Marg on The Talk, September 2015 (Transcript)

Marg on Larry King Now, September 2015 (Transcript)

Ora TV and Larry King Now have posted Marg’s complete interview online. In the interview, Larry and Marg discuss how she got her role on CSI, why she left the series, why she decided to come back for the finale, as well as some details about the series finale. In addition to the CSI talk, they also discuss why Marg never changed her name, the fact that she was NOT in the movie Tootsie, gender inequality in Hollywood, Marg’s opinion of Hillary Clinton, her thoughts on gun control, and much much more.

Note: The video is posted on Hulu and you’ll have to have your ad blocker disabled in order to view it.

Source: Ora TV/Larry King Now/Hulu

Ora TV and Larry King Now have posted some short clips from Marg’s interview on their website. You can tune in to Ora TV on Friday, September 25, 2015 after 2PM ET for the full interview, but for now, watch some highlights of Marg discussing gender inequality in Hollywood, Hillary Clinton, the need for gun control, and also a few details about the CSI series finale.


Here’s a short video of Marg answering questions for People Magazine. She talks about what she learned from CSI, lines of dialogue that she remembers from past roles, her worst job ever, and she even sings her favorite song from The Who. It’s a really cute interview so be sure to check it out. Thanks to Lee for the head’s up!


Marg appeared on ABC’s ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’ today. Looking beautiful as always, Marg chatted with Kelly and Michael about Under the Dome, the CSI series finale, being a Carolina Panthers fan, and much more. The video embedded here is a clip of the complete episode – for those who just want to watch Marg’s interview, it begins at the 17:35 mark. Enjoy!

Edited to add another clip someone posted that is just Marg’s interview:

Source: Live with Kelly and Michael Episodes

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