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From CBS2:

Last summer’s number one program “Under the Dome” returns tonight to CBS for a third season.
Fans can expect high-energy as residents of Chester’s Mill race to discover why their town was suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious force. Emmy-winning actress Marg Helgenberger will try to help solve the mystery as she joins the cast this season.

Her character is not in the original Stephen King novel on which the show is based, instead executive producer Neil Baer created the role with Helgenberger in mind. CBS2’s Alex Denis sat down with Marg to get a sneak peek at the premiere. Watch the interview above.

The 2-hour season premiere will air tonight on CBS at 9PM Eastern.

Source: CBS2 New York

Here are additional details about the ‘Under the Dome’ COMIC-CON Panel, which takes places on Thursday, July 9.

Returning CBS Comic-Con Panels

UNDER THE DOME (Presented by CBS Television Studios)

7/9 12:35 PM-1:05 PM (Ballroom 20) #UndertheDome #SDCC

Exclusive Sneak Peek & Panel – It has been weeks since the dome descended upon Chester’s Mill with Barbie and the residents being urged to follow Melanie “home.” Season Three will pick up where Season Two left off, and the community will rise to new heights of ingenuity, courage and often darkness in their quest for freedom. There will be new faces, new alliances and betrayal of trust as residents learn what you “see” may not always be the truth, and that the real enemy is within. Join series stars (subject to availability) Mike Vogel (“Bates Motel”), Rachelle Lefevre, special guest star Marg Helgenberger (CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION) and executive producers Neal Baer and Tim Schlattmann for an exclusive look at the new season, followed by a panel discussion. The panel discussion will be moderated by Michael Yo, correspondent on THE INSIDER.

From CBS Television Studios in association with Amblin Television, the third season of UNDER THE DOME premieres Thursday, June 25.


In an exclusive new video, TV Guide takes us behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest summer shows for CBS, including ‘Under the Dome.’ In this video, Marg previews how her character may shake things up, while producer Neal Baer hints that some returning characters may have been hiding their true intentions. “Some of the characters we thought might have been good or have good intentions maybe don’t.”