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Here are more photos from Marg’s appearance at last night’s 69th Annual Tony Awards. She looked stunning in a Marchesa black silk-faille high-low dress w/beaded-illusion neckline.

Marg on the red carpet at last night's Tony Awards.

Marg on the red carpet at last night’s Tony Awards.

Close up of that gorgeous beadwork on Marg's gown.

Close up of that gorgeous beadwork on Marg’s gown.

Marg presenting at the 69th Annual Tony Awards

Marg presenting at the 69th Annual Tony Awards

This way for more photos…

We have a video and some gorgeous photos of Marg posing on the red carpet at the 69th Annual Tony Awards. Doesn’t she look amazing? Stay tuned for more photos! Thanks so much to Lee for the video clip.

Marg Red Carpet from AAM Vids on Vimeo.

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The French entertainment magazine Tele Star has an exclusive interview with Marg to discuss the news that CSI is ending after 15 seasons and that she and former leading man William Petersen will be returning to give the series a proper send off. The interview, originally posted in French, was translated into English by me, so my apologies for any errors in translation. You can view the original interview HERE.

Tele Star

By Franck Ragaine, June 1, 2015

At 56 years of age, and three years after leaving CSI, Marg Helgenberger will make her return in the TV movie that will conclude the series.

TELE STAR: So you will participate in the CSI series finale? It was an offer you could not refuse?
Marg: Of course! But the scenario is not yet complete. CSI is an important part of my existence, and as William Petersen (alias Gil Grissom) has agreed to return, I could not refuse.

TELE STAR: You’ve spoken with him?
Marg: No, because I am currently in North Carolina to film season 3 of the television series Under the Dome. I joined that cast. I’ll make a jump to Los Angeles and try to have lunch with him and discuss the project.

TELE STAR: Have you followed the series since you left?
Marg: I saw a few episodes. Even when I was still in the credits, I must admit that I was not watching them systematically. I’ll always think it is a great show and I’m sad for the team that it’s ending.

TELE STAR: How would you like to see Catherine Willows come back and conclude her adventure on CSI?
Marg: I’d like to see her in a somewhat dark comedy scenario. That has always been my favorite style of episode. Above all, I hope to have more scenes with Billy (William Petersen). He remains one of my favorite acting partners and is a good guy.

Source: Tele Star