A role model is defined as “a person regarded by others, especially younger people, as a good example to follow.” Role models possess qualities that make them stand out as people we can look up to as we try to better ourselves. Role models are unique to each individual because we all have different qualities that we consider admirable. For that reason, a role model could be a parent, a teacher, a mentor, an athlete, a world leader, or yes, even a celebrity.

I tend to admire and look up to strong women. Aside from Marg, my biggest role models in life are my mother and grandmother, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Toni Morrison. While on the surface they may seem to have little in common, the threads that tie them together are that they have always made their voices heard, no matter what, and that they dreamed big and worked hard throughout their lives to make those dreams come true.

Marg is a role model for me for so many reasons. While she possesses that same strength of character that my other role models do, I look up to her as a good example to follow because of many other qualities she possesses as well. First of all, I can relate to her more than I can relate to some of my other role models because I think she’s probably more like me than they are. As someone who grew up in a tiny sheltered town that no one ever left, I was drawn to Marg as soon as I learned that she came from an even smaller town than I did and had had the courage to leave the safety of her town and go out into the world and make her way. Marg made it big on ‘China Beach’ right as I was graduating from high school so seeing the success of another small town girl was the kick in the pants I needed to get out of my town and go away to a good school.

Another reason Marg is a role model for me is because of her devotion to her family. No matter how busy her life gets, family always still comes first and I think it has been that way throughout her entire career. You can see it in how close she and her son still are today. I hope that I can be even half as good a mom to my son as Marg has been to Hugh.

In addition to her courage and her devotion to her family, I also look up to Marg because of how she uses her voice. Because of her celebrity status, she has a big voice when it comes to promoting issues that are important to her. I admire that she uses that voice to draw attention to so many worthy causes such as breast cancer awareness and the fight against MS. I also like that she says what’s on her mind when it comes to political issues and doesn’t back down when the political trolls come after her.

Some other qualities I admire are her kindness, her generosity, and her humility. No matter how much of a monster hit CSI became, Marg remained so humble in all of her interviews. She’s really one of the most down-to-earth celebrities out there. She comes across as genuinely grateful of all of the success that she has had and never acts like she’s somehow entitled to it like some celebrities do. For that reason, it’s just so refreshing to watch her. I’ve also never seen a celebrity more appreciative of their fans than Marg is. Her kindness and generosity are unparalleled.

So, yes, Marg is a role model for me. Do I want to ‘be’ Marg? No, of course not. But do I hope that I will always strive to be strong, brave, family-oriented, kind, generous, and humble like she is? Absolutely.