I’ve had some down time lately, so I’ve decided to start working on a new project for All About Marg. For years we’ve had screen captures of Marg from China Beach that were taken from the only thing we had available to us at the time – episodes that had been recorded off of the television. They were acceptable and people loved them, but let’s be honest. They were poor quality and very grainy. Now, however, since we have much higher quality DVDs of the episodes, it’s time for an upgrade. Sharon and I will be working on these as we have time, but so far, we’ve managed to get all of the Season 1 episodes upgraded to the DVD quality caps. I hope all of the K.C. fans will enjoy them. Stay tuned for more updates!

Click on each episode title to access the caps:
Pilot Home
Hot Spell Somewhere Over the Radio
Waiting for Beckett brothers
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