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holding patterns

“Coming of age dramedy Holding Patterns has added Christopher Meloni and Marg Helgenberger to the cast, joining Freddie Highmore, Odeya Rush and Haley Joel Osment. The film follows a young man (Highmore) still living at home with his mother and stepfather who sets his sight on a girl (Rush) who works at his local coffee shop. The problem – she has a serious boyfriend. As the two become closer, the line between friendship and romance becomes blurred and they’re forced to examine where their lives are going. Meloni will play “Howard,” while Helgenberger will play “Samantha,” the main character’s mother. Rita Volk, Jake Abel and Taylor John Smith also appear.”

According to an earlier article from Deadline, Holding Patterns is currently in production in Mobile, Alabama, so now we know why Marg is there this week. 🙂

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As if the first half of season 3 wasn’t a wild enough ride, Under the Dome has really kicked it into high gear now. ‘Plan B’, the ninth episode of the season, opens with the Kinship attempting to strike back against the Resistance. Christine has sent Barbie and a team of armed men to ambush Big Jim and his own team at the Aktaion house. Their mission fails, however, because anticipating that there would be retaliation for the bombing of the caves, the Resistance has relocated to a new safe house, the town’s funeral home.

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When Barbie reports back to Christine that the Resistance is nowhere to be found, she is visibly agitated by their failure. Flinging her walkie talkie to the floor, Christine suddenly clutches her abdomen and doubles over in pain, crying “Oh no! No, I’m not ready yet”. She clearly has bigger problems than the Resistance to worry about at this moment. Her cries bring Eva rushing to her aid. Eva gets Christine to lie down and sees that the knife wound inflicted by Sam has apparently become infected. Christine interrupts her examination when the amethyst she is grasping in her hand begins to pulse and glow. The closer Christine moves it to Eva, the more the stone pulses with light. Christine, suddenly looking much happier than she did earlier, tells Eva the good news: she and Barbie are going to have a baby. Eva can’t believe it and wants to know how it’s possible since she and Barbie only slept together the previous day. Christine replies that “You’re carrying the new Queen. This isn’t any ordinary pregnancy.”

Leaving Eva to share the news with Barbie, Christine gets back to business. Junior reports to her that he has had the last remaining amethyst brought into town so that they can better guard it. He then tells Christine that he’ll keep searching until he finds and eliminates the Resistance. Christine tells him that he needs to spare Joe. Junior questions her because in his mind, Joe is just as guilty as the others, but Christine says that their plans have to be adjusted because of what happened to the amethysts and she now needs Joe’s help. Junior notices that she is holding her side and is obviously in pain and questions this because he thought the cocoon had healed her. Christine lies to Junior and tells him it did, but then tells him she needs to see the Dome wall.

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While all of this has been taking place, Hunter has managed to crack the code on Christine’s recorder and access her entries. He learns that the recordings are some kind of diary addressed to Barbie and Eva’s unborn child, the new Queen and she begins the entries by saying “It’s a shame we’ll never meet…” With that statement, we can assume that Christine will die before the baby is born.

As Junior and Christine approach the Dome wall, they see several dead animals lying nearby. It is as Christine feared, the Dome’s surface has started to calcify. She tells Junior that soon every living thing will suffocate unless she can bring down the Dome with Joe’s help. Junior questions Christine again at this point because he doesn’t understand what the Dome calcifying has to do with her increasing weakness and pain. Christine finally admits to him that what is happening to her is because she is connected to the Dome. With the egg destroyed and only one remaining amethyst, the Dome has no power source and is starting to shut down. She then collapses again and Junior carries her back to town.

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Once back in her office, Junior examines Christine and sees the now huge wound spreading across her abdomen. Determined to do whatever needs to be done to help his Queen, Junior looks to Christine for guidance. Her answer? Sexual healing, of course. Oh, the healing powers of that oxytocin! Once she is feeling better, Christine gives Junior some bad news: “James, this is temporary. Every one, every thing has a cycle and mine is coming to an end.” Junior expresses his confusion because he thought she was his mate for life. She tells him no, that she has actually envisioned Junior as being someone who will have many mates.

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Now that she is feeling better, Christine gets back to work. As she and Junior walk through the town hall, Junior eagerly scopes out potential new mates. When he zeroes in on the girl that he wants, Charlotte Chastain, Christine shoots him down: “The younger ones I need.” For the first time, Junior rebels against Christine and tells her no, that he wants Charlotte. Christine finally concedes: “Fine. But you’ll need to find me a suitable replacement. I need at least twelve girls.” She orders Junior to have them waiting for her when she gets back from introducing herself to Harriet, the young woman she has chosen to be Eva’s midwife.

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Once Christine has secured Harriet as Eva’s midwife, she takes her to meet Eva. Eva is again confused as to why she already needs a midwife since she only just found out she was pregnant. Come on, Eva. Get with the program! Christine yet again has to remind her that this is not an ordinary pregnancy – she’s giving birth to the Queen – and tells her that she needs to pack her things because they’re taking her to a place where her baby can receive the special care she deserves.

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At first Eva is reluctant to leave since Barbie isn’t there, but a surprise attack by Big Jim changes her mind. Christine and Junior take Eva to a barn where Harriet and at least a dozen young women dressed in white are waiting for her. Surprisingly, among them is Junior’s choice to replace Christine. As soon as he spots Charlotte, Junior confronts Christine: “I told you I wanted Charlotte.” Christine tells him that Charlotte came to her and said that she wanted to be a part of this: “Don’t worry. I promise she won’t feel a thing.” She then orders that “No one comes in or out” and the doors are closed in Junior’s face. Two things appear to be at play in this scene: 1) Based on Christine’s ominous words, these young women are about to be sacrificed for the new Queen, and 2) I suspect Charlotte’s inclusion in the sacrifice is probably Christine’s way of punishing Junior for rebelling against her and for being a little too eager to select a mate to replace her. After all, she is still the Queen.

It saddens me that we are seemingly nearing the end of Christine’s, and therefore Marg’s, time on Under the Dome. I hold out a little hope since Under the Dome is always unpredictable so anything can happen. I think it would be great if she did survive because it would be interesting to see how the real Christine would be and how she would cope with knowing all that she had done while her body was taken over by the Dome and its agenda. As of right now, though, I just can’t see any way that she comes out of this alive. Whatever the outcome, I will enjoy Marg’s performance until the bitter end.

HD Screen caps from Under the Dome ‘Plan B’ can be viewed HERE.



Armed with the knowledge that emotion is the key to fighting back against Christine and the Kinship, the Resistance, led by Big Jim and Julia, takes center stage in “Breaking Point”, the latest installment of Under the Dome’s third season. While the Resistance is busy coming up with a battle plan to take back Chester’s Mill, Queen Christine rejoins the land of the living after spending last week’s episode cocooned, recovering from the near fatal stab wound Sam gave her in retaliation for killing his lover.

Following Christine’s orders like the good soldier he is, Junior has brought Sam down to the caves so that he can face the music once Christine emerges from her cocoon. Junior is eager to please his Queen and immediately offers to snap Sam’s neck and solve their problem, but Christine says no because she has other plans for Sam. Christine tells Junior that she needs a place where she can “work” on Sam uninterrupted and Junior suggests the ever so handy fallout shelter where he held Angie McAllister prisoner in an earlier season. Christine also notes with alarm that her stay in the cocoon has not fully healed her and wonders if she made the right choice since she used up so many of their limited resources by doing so. Junior reassures her that her decision was the right one – the kinship was lost in her absence. They need their Queen.

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Junior isn’t the only one to respond to Christine’s emergence from the cocoon; the world outside the Dome begins to respond as well. As if someone is using a remote control to flip back and forth between two channels on a television, the view outside the Dome begins to flicker between two very different scenes. One moment we see the fiery apocalyptic scene that became standard when an apparent meteor shower destroyed everything on Earth except the Dome, the next moment we see beautiful blue skies and no signs of destruction. As soon as Christine climbs out of the cave, the flickering stops and the blue skies remain. Always quick on her feet, Christine immediately offers this explanation to the drones who have flocked to meet her: “I know there’s been a lot of confusion over the past 24 hours, but the destruction that you witnessed outside the Dome wasn’t real. It was an illusion. I projected it on the Dome as a crucible meant to bring us all together, to strengthen us for the tasks to come.” The brainwashed drones, of course, accept what she says without question. Christine then goes on to tell them that they have a big mining job to do – there are amethysts in the cave that need to be brought to the surface. She dispatches the drones to town to get the necessary tools and supplies and then meets up with Ava and Barbie.

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Barbie immediately questions the need to bring the amethysts above ground, so Christine informs him the amethysts are what power the Dome and they’ve been dying ever since Big Jim smashed the egg, which was what charged them. Christine is hoping that bringing them to the surface will recharge them because if they aren’t recharged, the Dome will calcify and everyone in it will suffocate. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Barbie agrees to spearhead the excavation project. Once Barbie heads off on his mission, Christine comments that Eva and Barbie seem closer than ever and is pleased to hear that the two of them have finally consummated their relationship. She reassures Eva that she’s doing all of the right things and that Barbie’s journey should be complete very soon.

Once the excavation project is underway, Christine begins her ‘work’ on Sam. She has Junior restrain Sam and begins to drain his blood. When Sam tells her that she has removed too much blood and needs to stop before she kills him, Christine shows him a fresh bucket of blood, tells him that it’s hers and that she’s going to give him what he needs to make him return to her and the Kinship. He tells her that he’ll never be a part of the Kinship, but she reminds him the life force is already in him and that her blood is just a boost. She then begins to transfuse him, all the while stroking him and telling him that he’ll feel much better once he stops fighting it.

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Ever the master manipulator, while she’s transfusing him, Christine also engages in mind games with him. She tells Sam they can stop the transfusion but wants to know what value Sam’s human life really has. She reminds him of all of the people he has failed to save and those he has killed: “You even tried to kill me, Sam, and all I ever wanted to do was to help you. All you have to show for your time on Earth is the shame of your human failings. Stop struggling and all of your shame will disappear. You’d be welcomed. You’d finally have value. It’s time to let go of your pain. I forgive you.” After planting all of those thoughts in Sam’s head, she releases his restraints and leaves him to make his choice about whether or not he will rejoin the Kinship.

While Christine has been hard at work on Sam, the Resistance has been busy as well. After some careful recon, they learn that Christine is not dead and that she is planning to bring the amethysts above ground. Determined to break Christine’s control over the townspeople, they take action. Joe and Norrie steal the amethyst schematic out of Christine’s office, while Big Jim and Hunter make contact with the outside world and somehow manage to secure a delivery of explosives. When Norrie encounters her mom on the way back with the schematic, she tries to use emotion to get through to her, but it unfortunately doesn’t seem to work this time. While this is taking place, Big Jim is busy planting all of the explosives in the caves. Junior catches Big Jim in the act but is unable to stop him and Barbie also fails in his attempt to diffuse the bombs. In the aftermath of the explosion, we learn Big Jim has successfully destroyed all but one of the amethysts but has also unfortunately killed Norrie’s mother, who was still down in the caves and sacrificed herself to save Norrie. Apparently Norrie had gotten through to her after all, which although tragic in this case, is good news for the rest of Chester’s Mill since we now know that their humanity is not irrevocably lost.

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As they survey the damage caused by the explosives, Junior reassures Christine they can find another way to press on even if the amethysts were essential. He changes the subject and asks about her progress with Sam, to which she responds: “If you provide the people the right lie, they’ll believe what they want to. For this town, it was an image of the end of the world. With Sam, all it took was a pint of his own blood and my forgiveness.” His own blood? Well played yet again, Christine. It has to be said that even if things seems to be going against her at the moment, Christine is still at the top of her game when it comes to manipulating people.

Junior places the full blame of what has happened on Big Jim, while Eva takes the opportunity to throw Julia’s name in there as well, sharing the details of their near gunfight in the street. Once Christine hears this, she calls the Kinship to action: “The actions of this Resistance have threatened our very survival. The time has passed for peaceful coexistence. We need to strike back. We need to kill them all.” Looks like both sides have finally reached their breaking point.

We only have five more episodes left this season, so I can only imagine that it’s only going to get wilder and crazier than ever from this point on. And to that I say, bring it on, Queen Christine!

Screen captures of Marg from this episode can be viewed HERE.




“Caged,” the sixth installment of Under the Dome’s third season, starts to shed some light onto what happened to bring the Dome down over Chester’s Mill and to give us a little more insight into what Alien Christine’s ultimate agenda is.

“Caged” opens with Marston showing Big Jim the video footage of exactly what transpired when Christine made contact with the egg: “Right there is where Christine Price became something else…On a cellular level, the person you know as Christine Price is not of this Earth.” Right there is also the moment that the dome came down over Chester’s Mill and the mini-dome came down over the egg itself. Marsten goes on to tell Big Jim that they’ve learned a lot about Christine but they still haven’t determined what she is or what she wants. Lucky Big Jim then learns that’s where he comes in as Marsten charges him with the task of pumping Christine for information about her agenda. Big Jim initially declines as he wants no contact with ‘that thing’, but ever the persuasive guy, Marsten tells Jim he has two choices: 1) help get the information from Christine that they need or 2) be injected with Christine’s inhuman blood to see what happens to him. Big Jim decides to be helpful.

Truth experiments

Much of Christine’s time in this episode is spent in a cage having some pretty candid conversation with Big Jim. She is honest with Big Jim from the start, showing him what I’ve speculated about for a few episodes now, that she is basically a chameleon — she can easily fake any emotion at the drop of a hat, depending on how she thinks the other person needs to see her. When Christine tells him that people will come for her, Big Jim mocks the idea of Junior as a knight in shining armor and tries to get information about who else she might have working for her. He tells Christine that if she’s relying on Barbie, her plan is flawed because Julia knows all about Christine and can’t wait to tell Barbie everything she knows. Is Christine getting a little worried at this point? It’s hard to say with certainty, but she does abruptly end the conversation by telling Big Jim that her human body is tired.

When Big Jim and Christine resume their conversation, it takes a turn for the philosophical with Christine extolling the virtues of the collective and telling Big Jim that the loneliness and emptiness he’s feeling is his ‘reward’ for only looking out for himself. Christine tells Big Jim that there’s no reason why her people and his can’t co-exist because they want the same thing. She says there’s no reason they should be enemies but that they will protect themselves. She goes on to defend her actions in stripping people of what makes them individuals: “Petty self-interest brought this community to the brink of destruction, but because of me, people are thinking about things other than themselves. Because of that, we have food. We have peace.” Big Jim balks at the idea of the collective and retorts that true progress comes from creativity and individual ingenuity: “The history of the world is made by leaders, not followers.” Christine inserts a reality check at this point: “Well, we come from very different worlds and from where I sit, you’re no leader. You’re just a very sad and lonely man.”

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They are interrupted this time when Marston has one of his goons toss in a can of tear gas and then brings Big Jim out of the cage. Marston is not completely happy with Big Jim’s progress and instructs him to up his game, or else. When Christine next awakens, she has cuts down the side of her body. Over in his own cage, Big Jim is sporting a fresh busted lip and informs Christine that they must have escalated with their experiments. Big Jim decides to demonstrate to Christine what a little fight and a little ingenuity can do as he uses the tab off of a can to pick the lock on his cage. Clearly more concerned about the dangers of her current predicament, Christine begs Big Jim to take her with him, promising that she can get him out of the dome if he does. Stroking his arm and his face through the bars of her prison, Christine really pours on the charm and tries to coax Big Jim into helping her. Perhaps in response to his own passionate speech about the need for leaders and creativity, Christine makes a persuasive speech of her own that appears to be designed to seduce Big Jim over to her way of thinking: “Once out of the cocoons, the concepts of me, ego, and self were gone from my mind. Immediately I saw the world in a new light, a better light — a world where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…Jim, what we want is no different than any living organism – to survive, to flourish…Aww, come on. Let’s work together”

Big Jim isn’t buying into Christine’s manipulations, but manages to get her to say that bringing down the dome is her ultimate plan, which is what Marston has been waiting to hear. He charges into the room to say he can take it from there but then tries to stop Big Jim from leaving. Displaying a little more of that ingenuity he was praising earlier, Big Jim uses the can lid to cut Marston’s throat and make his escape from the Aktaion lab. Christine again begs him to take her with him, but he says “You know, I can handle good and I can handle evil. But what I can’t handle is desperate. You’re in a position to tell me whatever I want to hear, but I ain’t buying. No hard feelings.”

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Although abandoned by Big Jim, Christine is ultimately rescued from the lab by Junior and Barbie, who have been trying to track her down for much of the episode. Once they rescue her, Barbie corners Christine for the truth about who she is. Christine confesses everything to him — that she was hired by Aktaion to find the egg, that Aktaion manipulated her into wanting to be a part of something great because the egg was supposed to be a new clean source of energy. She then tearfully tells Barbie that everything is her fault – she brought the dome down when she touched the egg and all of the lives lost and all of the families who were separated are because of her. Her emotional story, which matches the one Eva gave Barbie earlier, convinces Barbie who tells her it’s not her fault and when a gun-wielding Julia interrupts Christine’s confession and tries to tell Barbie the truth, Barbie’s not having any of it. Christine eggs Barbie on, telling him that Julia is the one who took her at gunpoint and gave her to Aktaion. That’s enough for Barbie and he calls Julia a monster and tells her that if she can’t get on board with the town’s new agenda, then she needs to just stay away.

Recovering quickly from her ordeal, Christine meets up with Eva for an update on what has happened while she was locked up and especially to get a report on Eva’s progress with Barbie. While not enough progress has been made on that front, Eva praises Christine for getting Barbie to finally trust her and Christine reveals the key to her success: “I became what he needed me to be, a victim for him to save.” Christine gives Eva her next set of marching orders: “The sooner you become his mate, the sooner he’ll be what I need him to be. Our protector.”

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Although she had made great strides with getting Barbie to complete his journey, Christine faces more dissension within her ranks. Sam has figured out that Christine is responsible for Abby’s death. He goes to see her and actually beats Christine at her own game of manipulation by convincing her how sorry he is that he strayed and how grateful he is that she has gotten him back on the right track yet again. When she embraces him and tells him she only did what needed to be done because of how important he is to her and to the group, Sam stabs Christine and leaves her to die. Junior finds Christine, and at her urging, he carries her back down to the caves where she re-cocoons herself with one last order to Junior: “Bring me Sam.” I can’t imagine that meeting will go well for Sam. I’m going to take a not-so-wild guess and say that openly attacking the Queen is probably something that the collective would frown upon.

I think my favorite part of this episode, and perhaps my favorite moments of the season so far, were the scenes between Christine and Big Jim while they were caged. Marg and Dean Norris played off of each other so well. It was a pleasure to watch their characters go head to head and I hope that we’ll get more scenes like that this season.

Marg was especially thrilling to watch in the scene where Christine puts on the show for Big Jim — quickly passing through all of the emotions that she has in her arsenal of manipulation. Marg played that so beautifully and really just all around rocked this episode. I love how Christine constantly keeps me guessing. When Big Jim asked her if she could do ‘honesty,’ it really got me wondering about whether we’ve seen any true emotion from Christine up to this moment. I think the answer is no, perhaps with the exception of when she is trying to explain to Big Jim why she believes in the collective.

I really cannot wait to see what happens next. Those amethyst crystals were still flickering at the end of the episode, so Christine is still in a race against time to make this collective successful.

You can view some HD screencaptures of Marg from the episode HERE.


“Alaska”, Under the Dome’s fifth episode of Season 3 opens with Christine and Junior basking in the afterglow of what has apparently been the best sex of Junior’s life. He is eager to begin their makeout session anew but Christine is distracted by the amethyst crystals that are embedded in the cavern walls. They have begun to flicker and as she watches them, she looks a bit distraught and asks Junior to promise her that he’ll do whatever she asks him to do, without question. Firmly under her spell at this point, Junior readily agrees, assuring her that he knows “how to follow orders.”

We find out that Christine has a good reason to be distracted by those amethysts when she records her latest progress report and reveals that the flickering stones indicate that the Dome’s energy supply is beginning to fail — when Big Jim smashed the egg, he compromised their power source: “One amethyst died this morning; a second one is losing power, which is causing the amniotic fluid in the cavern to dry up. It’s only a matter of time before the Dome begins to calcify. If the kinship can’t come together, we will all suffocate…” Barbie interrupts at this point, storming into her office. I had to chuckle when Christine says, “Barbie, come on in, hun. Have a seat.” Is she trying a little Southern hospitality on Barbie to throw him off guard and get him on board with her mission? It doesn’t seem to phase him as he demands to know who the hell she is.

report collapse

Christine is spared from having to answer his question by a loud crash and screams coming from elsewhere in the building. Barbie and Christine race through the building looking for the source of the crash. They discover that the ceiling has come down in the area where Junior took a sledgehammer to what he thought was a non load-bearing column. Two people are dead and several others are injured, some seriously, and as they set out to help people and to get the damage repaired so that people can move in soon, Pete, obviously not a Christine fan, takes the opportunity to loudly proclaim that this is Christine’s fault and to challenge her leadership. When she attempts to give him orders regarding how the repairs should be done, he lashes out at her in front of everyone: “Lady, you lost the right to tell me what to do when you let Junior Rennie take his toy hammer to that column. This is on you!” He storms off and Christine tells Barbie that Pete is a menace and she wants him out of the group. Barbie tells her he’s “got this” and pairs up with Pete to complete the repairs. The way Christine was watching Barbie when he walked off with Pete had me wondering 1) Is Pete another one of Christine’s distractions, this time to keep Barbie from coming back at her with the ‘Who the hell are you?’ question; or 2) Is Christine assessing him like she assessed Junior in the previous episode? Or is it maybe a little of both?

barbie Eva

Christine next seeks out Eva, obviously having been rattled by Barbie’s suspicions. Eva immediately confronts her again about the necessity of keeping up the false identities that they were given in the alternate reality because she’s tired of lying to Barbie. Frustrated, Christine tells her “I’m doing this for your own good. You’re not ready.” After meeting even more resistance from Eva, Christine finally relents and promises that she’ll tell Eva the truth and sets up a meeting with her at the cavern because “that’s where the answers are.” Yeah, and so is that handy mind-altering Oxytocin goo. Well played, Christine.
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