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Over the years, we‚Äôve sent Marg¬†many tokens of affection on her birthday to let her know much we adore her and how much she inspires us, and in doing so, we‚Äôve often¬†focused on her onscreen work. ¬†This year I decided to try something different ‚Äď something that would celebrate¬†her offscreen work, something that would allow us to come together and show Marg¬†how much she inspires us all to be better people. I decided to go with a Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser because as most of Marg‚Äôs fans know, the fight against cancer is very important to Marg for personal reasons, so much so that she has devoted much of her life to raising awareness, including serving as an ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer. Finding a cure for cancer is important to her fans as well since so many of us have either lost loved ones to cancer or even have loved ones who are currently battling the disease.

To Marg, I hope you have a birthday that is as amazing¬†as you are! ¬†Whether it’s your dedication to causes like Stand Up to Cancer or your passion when it comes to¬†standing up for what you believe in (as with our recent election), you’re an inspiration and a role model for so many fans, both young and old and we love you for it. ¬†I¬†hope¬†this fundraiser will serve as a symbol of just how much you inspire your fans.

I also want to say a huge thanks to all of the fans listed below who donated. ¬†It’s always such a thrill to see fans from all around the globe¬†coming together to show their love for Marg. ¬†I also know that money is an issue for many of us, so it really did mean the world to see people donating whatever amount they could because they felt the cause to be worthy and because they’re so inspired by Marg. ¬†I had set a goal of $500 and am thrilled to say that we not only met that goal, but we surpassed it. ¬†As of my writing this post, we have raised $550 for SU2C. Yay for Marg fans! In speaking to folks at SU2C, I’ve also been told that this fundraiser can be open-ended, which means that if you weren’t able to meet our deadline for Marg’s birthday, you can still donate at anytime. ¬†I’ll happily leave the link up on AAM’s front page and will send out updates if we receive additional donations. ¬†Thanks again everyone!

Amy L, United Kingdom (@MrsAmyLenton)

Andy D, United States (@HouseOfRakes)

Annie A, Philippines (@ann_muldita)

Becky M, United States (@TrekBecky)

Catherine C, China (@CathWLillianS)

Emilie S, Canada (@Emethereality)

Honor G, Scotland (@xH_Bombx)

Isa R, Portugal (@Isa32)

Jennifer B, England (@LilyStarbuck)

Jennifer G, United States (@jencsi)

Jessica B, United States (no twitter)

Kylie L, United Kingdom (@KylieLenton)

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Sara V, France (@SaraChristelle)

Sharon B, United States (@ripley_1)

Sunni F, United States (@grillowholic17)

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Wendy C, Hong Kong (@wendysamtui)