Thanks so much to all of the fans who chose to participate in our birthday video to celebrate Marg and her special day. This year I’m pleased to report that we had 33 participants representing 13 different countries. All of your words were beautiful, so I really hope that Marg will see this video, if not today, then some day. I think that she would enjoy hearing how much you all love and respect her and all that she stands for. A special thanks to Stèphanie from Marg Helgenberger Brasil and to Sharon, my second-in-command here, for all of their help in making this video happen. Also, a huge thanks to AndryPresh for making the graphics that were used in the video.

Marg, if you read this, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that this video makes your day even more special. Your fans truly adore you and I hope this video shows that.

I have also posted a backup link for the video on Vimeo in case YouTube doesn’t play nice today: Vimeo Link