AAM’s Pay It Forward Project, Inspired by Marg Helgenberger, in Honor of Her 60th Birthday


Every year we like to team up with our fellow fans to do something special in honor of Marg’s birthday. In the past we have created videos, designed books filled with fan letters, created musical playlists inspired by her, and for the past couple of years, we have done a fundraiser for Stand Up To Cancer, a charity that Marg actively supports. The idea behind each of our activities has been to come together, share our love for Marg, and, most importantly, to thank her for being such an inspiration to us all.

While keeping with the same basic theme of showing Marg how much she inspires us, this year I decided to let those who wanted to participate choose their own way of showing how Marg inspires them. My only criteria was that they take that inspiration that they get from Marg and pay it forward — channel it into doing at least one deed or act of kindness, no matter how big or how small, that sends some good vibes out into the world to offset some of the negativity that seems to constantly surround us these days. I also wanted fans to choose something that was important to them and encouraged them to look around their own communities for ways they could help.

I got a late start on planning this year’s activity because of some family issues I was dealing with and was a little worried that no one would participate, but as always, Marg’s fans came through like the rock stars they all are. (You guys are the best!)

So, without further ado, I’d love to share the good deeds that Marg has inspired her fans to go out and do in honor of her birthday.


The Pay It Forward Project: “No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, is Ever Wasted.”


Jeyce P. from Brasil decided that she wanted to focus on doing what she could to support children who are fighting cancer in her country so she chose to make a donation to NACC (nucleo de apoio a criança com cancer). NACC offers support to needy children who are being treated for cancer and their families. Some of the services they offer include the following: transportation assistance, food support programs, dental care, physical therapy, psychosocial support, and more.


Kris S. from North Carolina chose to participate in the ADOPT-A-NATIVE ELDER program. This non-profit program provides food, simple medicines, clothing, fabric, yarns, and more to help traditional Elders who desire to remain on their Lands and in their traditional lifestyle. Most of these Elders, who range in age from 75-100, live in remote portions of the Navajo reservation, with many living in traditional Navajo housing with no running water and some have no electricity. As they get older, it becomes more difficult for the Elders to support themselves in the traditional way of life and this is where Adopt-A-Native tries to help.

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