Here’s a short clip from Marg’s interview on Good Morning Washington. In this interview she talked about her role in The Little Foxes of course and then also gave a fun little demonstration of her skills as a weather girl. The GMW folks even pulled up a map of Nebraska for her to really take her back to her college summer job as a weather girl. Thanks to GMW for a great interview!

Source: WJLA – Good Morning Washington

Great Day Washington posted a couple of interview videos with Marg. In the interviews, she discusses The Little Foxes, what it’s like to be staying in Washington D.C., and she also talks about her time on CSI.

Source: Great Day Washington Facebook Page

Source: Great Day Washington

One more video interview from Marg’s round with the Washington D.C. press to promote her play The Little Foxes. This time the interview is with WTOP Radio. Lots of discussion here about Lillian Hellman, the playwright, as well as how Marg prepared for her role as Regina Giddens. Beyond the play itself, Marg also discusses her time as a weather girl in Nebraska, as well as her roles on TV and in film.

Source: WTOP News Facebook Page

Courtesy of Arena Stage, check out a sneak peek of Marg during rehearsals for her upcoming play The Little Foxes.

Credit: Arena Stage YouTube Channel