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Public AppearancesPhotos of Marg at various public events, such as award shows & charity events.
315 2,937
PhotoshootsPhotoshoots for magazines and other publications that Marg has posed for over the years.
65 444
Magazine ScansScans of interviews with Marg that have appeared in magazines. Our collection spans from Marg's days on Ryan's Hope to the present.
126 453
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationIncludes screen captures, promotional stills & trade ads from all seasons of CSI.
279 22,518
China BeachIncludes screen captures, promotional stills & trade ads from all four seasons of China Beach.
72 9,536
Family MattersPhotos of Marg & family members. Includes A&E Biography and Lifetime Intimate Portrait screen captures.
5 459
Other Film, Television, & Theater RolesIncludes screen captures, promotional stills & trade ads for many of Marg's other roles on the big & small screen and on the stage.
182 14,817
Miscellaneous Television AppearancesScreen captures from TV appearances that don't fit into other categories. Includes talk shows, award ceremonies & televised charity events.
14 849
Miscellaneous Early Photos of MargPhotos from early in Marg's career that we are unable to identify in terms of date taken.
1 12
Miscellaneous Recent Photos of MargFairly recent photos of Marg that we are unable to identify in terms of date taken.
4 9
Themed AlbumsPart of a community activity on our forum, each collection of photos in this category is based on a particular theme (Marg in glasses, Marg wearing red, etc).
11 462
MargArt - AAM's FanArt GalleryAn extensive collection of Marg-inspired graphics that have been designed by fans. Our collection includes icons, wallpapers, banners & many other items.
16 1,961
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