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Courtesy of @TheBlankTheatre, we have one behind-the-scenes pre-performance photo and Marg and the rest of last night’s “PS I Love You Too” cast. I unfortunately don’t know of anyone who was able to attend the show, but if I come across any additional photos, I’ll be sure to share them so we can at least see some highlights.


Because she has been a diehard Carolina Panthers fan since their inception back in the mid 1990s, it was no surprise to find out that Marg attended this year’s Super Bowl 50. Although the outcome was not as Panther fans (including myself) would have hoped with the Denver Broncos defeating the Panthers 24-10, it looks like Marg still had a great time. Here are a couple of photos that she posted on twitter last night.

If you like those, you can also check out her Instagram for even more photos from last night. —> Marg on Instagram.

From The Blank Theatre:

PS I Love You Too is “The Blank Theatre’s all-new celebration of St. Valentine’s Day! A brand new evening of love letters and poems which will leave you inspired and feeling in love. Assembled by David Rambo and read by The Blank’s celebrity friends.” Marg joins the cast, along with Noah Wylie, Angel Parker, and Jane Carr on February 8, 2016.

For those who are interested in attending, according to the theater’s website there are a limited number of seats available for a donation of $75 per person which includes a post-show reception with the actors and other Blank Theatre patrons. Click below for more details.

Click for more information...

Click for more information…


For those who may not know, the television series that gave Marg her first big break was Ryan’s Hope, a popular daytime soap opera that aired on ABC from 1975 until 1989. Marg joined the cast shortly after graduating from Northwestern University in 1982. While attending Northwestern, she was discovered by a talent scout from ABC Daytime during a production of William Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, where she played the role of Kate. Marg joined Ryan’s Hope as the feisty Siobhan Ryan and remained on the series for four years before moving on to Hollywood. Below are a couple of photos from her first year on Ryan’s Hope.

Marg RH 1982

Marg RH 1982

You can find even more photos from Marg’s time on Ryan’s Hope HERE.

Credit: ABC

Here’s a nice and unexpected way to kick off the new year – it looks like we’re not quite finished with images from CSI’s series finale. We have one more of Marg courtesy of, who posted some cool images of Marg, Jorja Fox, and William Petersen as they advertised the New Year’s Eve airing of the CSI series finale on AXN. Huge thanks to JFO for the head’s up!

csi finale promo axn


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