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I’ve just added a couple new promotional stills of Marg from the 1994 TV movie “Keys”. Gary Dourdan, who also later costarred with Marg in CSI, and Ralph White also appear in the second photo.



If you would like to see additional promotional stills of Marg from ‘Keys’, check out the gallery.

Here are some photos of Marg from a few events that she has attended thus far in November. The first event was an L.A. launch party for the Blue Bloods cookbook, the second was a dinner to benefit the Andy Warhol museum that Marg and her boyfriend Alan attended while they were visiting New York, and the third event was the ‘Youth’ Movie Premiere After Party in L.A.

Marg attends launch party for Blue Bloods Cookbook

Marg attends launch party for Blue Bloods Cookbook, 11/4/2015

Marg and her boyfriend attend a Warhol Museum benefit dinner in NYC

Marg and her boyfriend attend a Warhol Museum benefit dinner in NYC, 11/9/2015

Marg poses for photos at the 'Youth' Movie Premiere After Party, 11/17/2015

Marg poses for photos at the ‘Youth’ Movie Premiere After Party, 11/17/2015

In addition to the group gift that we made with our fellow fans from around the world, Sharon and I came up with a couple of extra gifts that we wanted to send to Marg. Since so many of us are always saying ‘Give Marg All the Awards!’ whenever we watch her on screen, and since we don’t actually have the ability to give her the awards that she so richly deserves, we decided to create our own awards to send to her. They’re not Emmys or Oscars, but we hope they’ll make her smile just the same and let her know how much she is loved by all of us.

The first award, the ‘2015 BAMF Award of Excellence’ award, was designed to be a humorous companion gift to our group gift celebrating Marg’s portrayal of Catherine Willows. The sentiment behind the award is sincere, of course, because Marg’s portrayal of Catherine was truly outstanding. But we also wanted it to be a fun award that captured the spirit of the fandom since so many of us refer to Marg and the characters she plays as BAMFs. (I still can’t believe the engraver actually let me put the word ‘badass’ on an award!)

BAMF award

The second award, the ‘You Make a Difference’ award, is one we decided to do after the huge positive response from fellow fans to my blog post about why Marg is one of my role models. So many people agreed with me that we wanted to send this one to honor Marg for the difference she has made in so many of our lives.

role model award

Note: The awards themselves are clear engraved acrylic. I tried to take photos of the actual awards but the glare off of the acrylic was so bad that the writing was not legible in the photos. These photos are the templates that I used to design the awards.

This year’s fan-made birthday gift for Marg is actually something that I wanted to do back in 2012 when Marg first left CSI but I just couldn’t get my act together in time. For that reason, I’m even more happy that she came back to do the CSI series finale this year so that it gave me a second chance to try to pull this together.

What we created for Marg this year is a celebration of Catherine Willows. We wrote messages to Marg, designed fanart, and compiled our favorite Catherine Willows photos and quotes and crafted them into a professionally bound keepsake book for Marg. This book is our way of coming together as a group to show Marg why we love Catherine Willows so much, why she will be in our hearts long after the end of CSI, and it’s our thank you to Marg for her outstanding portrayal of this unforgettable character. Through Marg’s portrayal of Catherine, she has touched the hearts and lives of so many fans. She has taught us many important life lessons, given us strength when we needed it most, and she has brought so many friends into our lives as more and more people fell in love with CSI and with Catherine and wanted to share that love with fellow fans.

We can never thank Marg enough for all that she has given to us, but we hope this gift will always remind her how many lives she has changed in a positive way through Catherine Willows.

Happy Birthday Marg!

With all of our love always,

Suzanne and Sharon from All About Marg and the entire Marg Fandom!

Click to view the entire book...

Click to view the entire book…

View the entire album HERE.

I want to thank all of the fans who participated this year. While the gift idea might be mine, it could never come to fruition without all of you. Thanks so much for your devotion to Marg and for wanting to be a part of what we do each year. You’re the best!

I also want to say a huge thanks to my co-admin, Sharon, who worked tirelessly with me on this project to make sure each page looked its best. Her input was invaluable. Thank you, Sharon!

Please Note: The scans of the book I’ve posted are low-resolution photos from the draft design template. The actual book is high resolution and the text and photos are much clearer than what you’ll see here. The gray shadows along the inside margins are also not present in the actual book. Those were part of the template to let me know how close I was to the edge of the pages as I was laying out everything.

Also please note: If you submitted a sample layout that you hoped I could follow – I did the best I could but a few had to be adjusted due to lack of space or due to low photo resolution. I hope you like my alternate version of what you submitted.

Marg attended the 2015 UCLA Neurosurgery Visionary Ball at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on October 29, 2015. The Visionary Ball supports education and research in the Department of Neurosurgery at UCLA while also celebrating patient successes and providing guests with a first-hand view of innovative technologies used by UCLA neurosurgeons. Proceeds from the event will benefit UCLA Neurosurgery research and education programs. You can learn more about UCLA’s neurosurgery programs HERE. Below are some photos of Marg from the red carpet.

Marg poses on the red carpet at the 2015 UCLA Neurosurgery Ball...

Marg poses on the red carpet at the 2015 UCLA Neurosurgery Ball…

Click for more photos...

Click for more photos…

More pics…

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