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The Monte Carlo Television Festival has now concluded so I’m back with our final photo update from the event. Congratulations again to Marg on her Crystal Nymph Award and congratulations to CSI who took home a Golden Nymph Award.

Marg and David Berman attend the Cocktails at the Princely Palace event...

Marg and David Berman attend the Cocktails at the Princely Palace event…

Click for more photos from the Monte Carlo Television Festival - TV Series Party...

Click for more photos from the Monte Carlo Television Festival – TV Series Party…

Click for more photos from the Day 3 Photo Call...

Click for more photos from the Day 3 Photo Call…

As most of Marg’s fans know, the fight against cancer is very important to Marg for personal reasons, so much so that she has devoted much of her life to raising awareness, including serving as an ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer. Finding a cure for cancer is important to her fans as well since so many of us have either lost loved ones to cancer or even have loved ones who are currently battling the disease.

For these reasons and so many more, I am pleased to announce that this year All About Marg will be joining in the fight against cancer. As a way to celebrate Marg’s work in the fight and also as a way for fans to come together and stand with her and do our part, we are hosting an online fundraiser for Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

Click Here to Donate.

Click Here to Donate.

Since today is All About Marg’s 13th anniversary (Happy Anniversary to us!), I’ve decided to start the fundraiser today and have it run through Marg’s birthday, November 16th. So, yes, our efforts in this fundraiser will be our gift to her this year. We’ve sent her many tokens of affection over the years telling her how much we adore her and how much she inspires us, and we’ve often celebrated her onscreen work, but I wanted to try to do something different this year – something that celebrates her offscreen work, something that truly shows her how much she inspires us all to be better people.

I’ve set our fundraising goal at $500, which I’m hoping we can meet and hopefully exceed. I know that money is an issue for some so I want to say up front that any and all donations are appreciated, no matter how big or small. I’m hoping that having the fundraiser run for 5 months will give people who want to participate ample time to budget for it. I also plan to send out periodic reminders to let people know how we’re doing with meeting our goal as well as shout outs to those who have donated.

Some questions you may have:

Q. I just visited your fundraising page on the SU2C site. Do I click ‘Join Team’ or ‘Donate’?

A. To donate, just click the red ‘DONATE NOW’ button.

Q. How do I know where my donation is going?

A. Our fundraising page is set up directly on the Stand Up to Cancer website so all of your donations will go directly to them. Donating through AAM’s page just puts your name on the list saying that you participated as a Marg fan to celebrate her work. The money does not actually pass through my hands at all. Per the Stand Up to Cancer website, 100% OF YOUR DONATION received by SU2C will support Stand Up To Cancer’s collaborative cancer research programs.

Q. Can I donate if I am not from the United States?

A. Yes, I verified with Stand Up to Cancer that anyone can donate no matter where they are from.

Q. Am I allowed to donate more than once?

A. Yes. If you make an initial donation and then decide you are able to donate more later, you can always donate again.

Q. Will there be prizes?

A. As of right now, no. If that changes, I’ll let everyone know.

Q. How will you let Marg know who has participated?

A. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing yet, but it will definitely include a list of the donors and where they are from.
If you have additional questions that I haven’t addressed here, please contact me directly via email at

Q. Do I have to show the amount I have donated?

A. No, not at all. When you fill out the donation form, there is a box you can check so that your donation amount remains private.

Thanks so much and I hope that you’ll all join AAM in our effort to stand with Marg in the fight against cancer. AAM for the Cure!

Click Here to Donate!

As part of the festivities at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Marg was interviewed by The interview is in French, but I’ve done my best to translate it. All mistakes are mine, but I think I’ve at least gotten the gist of what was said, including the very cool news that Marg is doing another movie! I don’t know much about it yet other than the fact that it’s a crime thriller named Thumper that is slated to come out in 2017 and also stars Eliza Taylor from The 100 and Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. I’m so excited that we have another project to look forward to!


Marg Helgenberger, crowned at the Monte Carlo Festival: “I want a kingdom in ‘Game of Thrones’!”

by Juan Silvestre

Unforgettable in the role of Catherine Willows in CSI, whom she played for 13 years, Marg Helgenberger has received the Crystal Nymph Award at the Monte Carlo Festival to honor her long career.

Are you happy with the award?

Very happy! It’s not everyday one receives a prize from the hands of the Prince of Monaco. Also, the Murano glass statuette is beautiful!

Now that you’ve had some distance from it, how do you value your time at CSI?

From the moment I read the first script, I knew it would work. But I could not imagine that it would have such a global impact. For me, it was a great opportunity and I have made good friends. We’re a family.

What times from the series do you remember most fondly?

It was wonderful to have Quentin Tarantino directing the end of the fifth season. I remember that, when we finished, he brought the Pussy Wagon, the car from Kill Bill, and crossed Las Vegas Boulevard with it!

Is it difficult to be typecast after playing a character for so long?

The great challenge of being in a series many years is to keep the character fresh. So I left because I was no longer able to. It is best to leave while at the top. But it is true that, for a time, directors will have trouble seeing you in another role. It takes time for the character to fade from memory.

Were you satisfied with Immortality, the TV movie end for CSI?

Absolutely. Many story lines were brought to a close, and characters who were beloved by fans returned, such as Lady Heather. I cried when I saw on the last page of the script: “End of the series.”

Do you remember what the first scene you ever recorded?

It was with the actress who played my daughter. Catherine was investigating a web of sexual abuse, and I remember it was a very emotional scene.

Still there are many popular series in which you participated, such as ER. Do you see them all?

That’s impossible, but E.R., for example, I see from time to time because I have many friends who are screenwriters who worked there and it was a wonderful experience. And, well, George Clooney is so sexy … what I can say?!

And what are your plans?

I’ll be back to the theater a lot. I’ll be doing The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman in Washington D.C. And I also have the movies Holding Patterns and Thumper.

Will you return to television?

Of course, it is a medium that I love and I want to do another series. I’d love to be in Game of Thrones! To have a new realm created for me (laughs).

Are you also hooked?

Absolutely, but not only on that. I’m a big fan of many television series. I love Fargo, Better Call Saul, Bloodline, Broad City … And a reality show called RuPaul’s Drag Race, where they’re looking for the best drag queen. It’s hilarious!

What kind of a role would you accept?

One that is totally different from the last one I did. That happened to me, for example, with Intelligence and with Under the Dome, the series I’ve done since CSI.


Marg has been a busy lady at the Monte Carlo Television Festival this week, which means lots of photos for us! Here are three albums of photos that I’ve added to the gallery to commemorate each of the events she attended while at the festival. Huge thanks again to Andry for her help this week!

Up first are photos from the festival’s Day 3 Photo Call.

Click for more photos...

Click for more photos…

Second, we have some new photos from Day 2’s TV Series Party. Marg is pictured here with Lisa Edelstein and you can click that photo to view the entire album.

Click for more photos...

Click for more photos…

Finally, I’ve updated the album for the opening ceremony with another 20 photos. You can click the thumbnail below to view those.

Click for more photos...

Click for more photos…

We have a few more photos to share from the events Marg has attended while at the Monte Carlo Television Festival this week.

First of all, we have some photos from where Marg attended the TV Series Party yesterday. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning in navy blue? You can click the thumbnail below to view those.

Click for more photos...

Click for more photos…

Secondly, we’ve added more pics from the opening ceremony. You can click below to view those as well.

Click for more photos...

Click for more photos…

Stay tuned for more updates!

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