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As most fans are probably aware by now, Marg has arrived in Washington D.C. to begin rehearsals for her upcoming play The Little Foxes, which will run at the Arena Stage from September 23rd through October 30th. Courtesy of the Arena Stage, below are a few behind-the-scenes photos and a video message from Marg where she talks about The Little Foxes. If you’re interested in attending the play, ticket information can be found at

Click to buy tickets...

From Arena Stage: “Yesterday, we welcomed the cast of The Little Foxes to Arena Stage. Director Kyle Donnelly and her creative team presented set designs and costume sketches along with a short presentation of the production highlighting the intricacies of family dynamics. Marg Helgenberger — who plays the resourceful Regina Giddens — expressed her excitement for bringing this production to D.C.”

Behind the Scenes Cast and Creative Team Photos

Credit: Arena Stage

Credit: Arena Stage

Credit: Arena Stage

Credit: Arena Stage

Credit: Arena Stage

Credit: Arena Stage

Source: Arena Stage Facebook Page

As a way to celebrate reaching the halfway point of our fundraising goal, I am sharing a nice selection of retro movie and television stills that I just received. The stills range from Ryan’s Hope up to CSI and cover pretty much everything Marg has done in between so I hope you’ll enjoy them. Thanks again to all of you who have already donated to our fundraiser. It means so much to have you all stand with AAM.

For those who haven’t heard about it, we are raising money for Stand Up to Cancer. It’s our group birthday gift to Marg this year, a way to show her how much she inspires us and it’s also our way of standing with her in a cause that she is very passionate about. If you would like to join with us and make a donation, click the button below to visit our fundraising page. Donations as small as $5 are accepted, so you can participate without busting your budget.

Click Here to Donate.

Click Here to Donate.

And now on to the gallery update! Here are a few teasers to hopefully pique your interest, which are then followed by the complete list of updates. Enjoy!

China Beach/ABC Shoot - September 1989

China Beach/ABC Shoot – September 1989

Marg in Fallen Angels (1993)

Marg in Fallen Angels (1993)

Marg in Shell Game (1987)

Marg in Shell Game (1987)

Marg in When Love Kills (1993)

Marg in When Love Kills (1993)

The Complete Update:

CSI Series Finale(x3)
China Beach/ABC 1989 Photoshoot (x19)
Bad Boys (x1)
ER (x2)
Fallen Angels (x1)
Fire Down Below (x2)
Frame By Frame (x1)
Giving Up the Ghost (x1)
Happy Face Murders (x1)
The Tommyknockers (x2)
Where Are My Children? (x1)
When Love Kills (x1)
Through the Eyes of a Killer (x5)
Species II (x2)
Ryan’s Hope (x1)
Hearts on Fire (x1)
Shell Game (x1)
Murder Live! (x2)

As we reported earlier, Marg will be doing a production of Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes this fall at the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. The production runs from September 23 – October 30, 2016, and the tickets have just gone on sale to the general public this week. If you will be in the area and would like to see Marg perform, you can click purchase tickets online at

And now a few media goodies for you. First, we have some gorgeous key art for the play that was created by Sam Spratt.

Key Art by Sam Spratt

Key Art by Sam Spratt

Key Art by Sam Spratt

Key Art by Sam Spratt

And second, we have a fun behind-the scenes photo that Marg posted earlier this week on Instagram as she was trying on a costume from the play. So gorgeous!

Source:  Marg's Instagram account

Source: Marg’s Instagram account

The Monte Carlo Television Festival has now concluded so I’m back with our final photo update from the event. Congratulations again to Marg on her Crystal Nymph Award and congratulations to CSI who took home a Golden Nymph Award.

Marg and David Berman attend the Cocktails at the Princely Palace event...

Marg and David Berman attend the Cocktails at the Princely Palace event…

Click for more photos from the Monte Carlo Television Festival - TV Series Party...

Click for more photos from the Monte Carlo Television Festival – TV Series Party…

Click for more photos from the Day 3 Photo Call...

Click for more photos from the Day 3 Photo Call…

As most of Marg’s fans know, the fight against cancer is very important to Marg for personal reasons, so much so that she has devoted much of her life to raising awareness, including serving as an ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer. Finding a cure for cancer is important to her fans as well since so many of us have either lost loved ones to cancer or even have loved ones who are currently battling the disease.

For these reasons and so many more, I am pleased to announce that this year All About Marg will be joining in the fight against cancer. As a way to celebrate Marg’s work in the fight and also as a way for fans to come together and stand with her and do our part, we are hosting an online fundraiser for Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

Click Here to Donate.

Click Here to Donate.

Since today is All About Marg’s 13th anniversary (Happy Anniversary to us!), I’ve decided to start the fundraiser today and have it run through Marg’s birthday, November 16th. So, yes, our efforts in this fundraiser will be our gift to her this year. We’ve sent her many tokens of affection over the years telling her how much we adore her and how much she inspires us, and we’ve often celebrated her onscreen work, but I wanted to try to do something different this year – something that celebrates her offscreen work, something that truly shows her how much she inspires us all to be better people.

I’ve set our fundraising goal at $500, which I’m hoping we can meet and hopefully exceed. I know that money is an issue for some so I want to say up front that any and all donations are appreciated, no matter how big or small. I’m hoping that having the fundraiser run for 5 months will give people who want to participate ample time to budget for it. I also plan to send out periodic reminders to let people know how we’re doing with meeting our goal as well as shout outs to those who have donated.

Some questions you may have:

Q. I just visited your fundraising page on the SU2C site. Do I click ‘Join Team’ or ‘Donate’?

A. To donate, just click the red ‘DONATE NOW’ button.

Q. How do I know where my donation is going?

A. Our fundraising page is set up directly on the Stand Up to Cancer website so all of your donations will go directly to them. Donating through AAM’s page just puts your name on the list saying that you participated as a Marg fan to celebrate her work. The money does not actually pass through my hands at all. Per the Stand Up to Cancer website, 100% OF YOUR DONATION received by SU2C will support Stand Up To Cancer’s collaborative cancer research programs.

Q. Can I donate if I am not from the United States?

A. Yes, I verified with Stand Up to Cancer that anyone can donate no matter where they are from.

Q. Am I allowed to donate more than once?

A. Yes. If you make an initial donation and then decide you are able to donate more later, you can always donate again.

Q. Will there be prizes?

A. As of right now, no. If that changes, I’ll let everyone know.

Q. How will you let Marg know who has participated?

A. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing yet, but it will definitely include a list of the donors and where they are from.
If you have additional questions that I haven’t addressed here, please contact me directly via email at

Q. Do I have to show the amount I have donated?

A. No, not at all. When you fill out the donation form, there is a box you can check so that your donation amount remains private.

Thanks so much and I hope that you’ll all join AAM in our effort to stand with Marg in the fight against cancer. AAM for the Cure!

Click Here to Donate!

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