2.01 Burked

Janine Haywood: “You can’t arrest me in my own house.”
Catherine: “Right now, your house is our crime scene, and we can do whatever we want.”

Sam Braun: “I remember the first time I saw you. You didn’t have any clothes on.”
Catherine: “Yeah well, that was a long time ago.”
Sam: “I would have taken you home right then if I could have.”
Catherine: “I know, but you were married and I was a baby. It would have never worked.”

Catherine (to Sam): “The bigger the pedestal, the bigger the target.”

Catherine (to Grissom): “Is this part of the Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Kit?”

Catherine: “He was ‘burked’.”

Janine: “I left!”
Catherine: “I’ll tell you what you left – your fingerprints all over the prescription bottle.”

Catherine: “Mind the dummy!”

Catherine: “That’s a lot of motive.”
Grissom: “That’s a lot of silver.”

Detective Vega: “That’s the quickest warrant I ever got.”
Catherine: “Yep. Braun family…long arms.”

Catherine: “The more evidence that shows up, the more this case doesn’t make sense.”

Catherine: “Flimsy alibis don’t prove murder.”

Catherine (while swabbing the inside of Janine’s mouth): “Don’t bite down. I wouldn’t want you to swallow it.”

Catherine (to Sam): “It’s human nature. We can’t deny our feelings.”

Catherine: “Hey Sam…you’ve still got me.”
Sam: “You know, I should have married your mother.”
Catherine: “Well, considering I was six months old when you guys lit the flame, a lot of time has passed. You had plenty of chances.”
Sam: “It just wasn’t in the cards, Catherine. Just wasn’t in the cards.”

2.02 Chaos Theory

Catherine (as she’s about to go down the trash chute): “Hmmm. Snappy little sucker. Somebody ought to fix that.”

Warrick: “How’s it smell? Good?”
Catherine: “Funky.”

Catherine: “Touchdown. Well, the chute’s clear. Looks like trash is picked up every morning. We got nothing. (sees police dogs lose the scent) Hey Warrick, looks like we’re not the only ones chasing our tails.”

Grissom: “You showered.”
Catherine: “Thanks for noticing, Gil. You’re very observant.”

Grissom: “Yeah? Well … I can’t tell what I’m observing here. What does that look like to you?”
Catherine: “A five-foot-eleven workaholic.”

Catherine (to the professor): “We found you. We will find what you’re hiding.”
Professor: “I’m married.”
Catherine: “Yep. The ring indicates that.”

Catherine: “And we’ve chased another lead to a dead end.”

Catherine: “No one can predict more than a few seconds into the future.”

Catherine (as she hoists herself up onto the back of a dumpster): “This actually happened to me once before…with a set of keys. Eddie and I had this huge blow out. He threw my keys in the trash.”

Grissom: “We told them what happened.”
Catherine: “Yeah, but we didn’t give them what they needed– some closure.”
Grissom: “Truth brings closure.”
Catherine: “Not always.”

2.03 Overload

Catherine (to therapist): “He resisted, you persisted. Then what?”

Therapist: “Look, no criminal charges were filed. It should have been expunged from my record.”
Catherine: “Doesn’t make you any less guilty.”

Nick: “You ever been in therapy?”
Catherine: “Who hasn’t? Didn’t save my marriage.”
Nick: “And you were okay sharing your problems with a complete stranger?”
Catherine: “Rather I tell them to you?”

Catherine: “What’s going on with you?”
Nick: “I’m on a case.”
Catherine: “We’re on a case.”
Nick: “Right.”

Catherine: “How many swabs does it take to process a blanket?”
Nick: “I’m thorough.”

Catherine: “You’re racing me, Nick. We’re driving the same car.”

Catherine: “You’re confronting suspects before the evidence is processed. You’re flying solo, cutting me out. What’s going on?”
Nick: “Okay. There are some people you’re supposed to be able to trust, you know? I was nine, and she was a last minute babysitter. All I can remember doing afterwards is sitting in my room in the dark, staring at the door, waiting for my mom to get home…And I’ve never told anyone before.”
Catherine: “I’m sorry.”
Nick: “It’s what makes a person, I guess. I’m sorry, Catherine.”

Catherine: “Naked kid under a blanket at his shrink’s, late at night, and his mother is there?”
Greg: “And your case just entered a whole new dimension of weird.”

Catherine: “So you wrap Dylan up, beat the hell out of him, and hocus pocus, he’s supposed to love you again?”

Nick: “So then what happened? Things got out of hand? Did he change his mind?”
Catherine: “Somewhere in the middle of an angora birth canal?”

2.04 Bully For You

Catherine: “Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?”
Janitor: “Removing graffiti.”
Catherine: “There’s been a murder here. Nothing gets cleaned.”
Janitor: “School policy, miss. I have to get the graffiti down as soon…”
Catherine: “Everything is evidence. Policy of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Should we call the sheriff?”
Janitor (pauses): “No…”
Catherine: “Thank you.”

Warrick: “Bet you were like that in high school.”
Catherine: “Worse.”
Warrick: “Oh, you were the girl I ran away from.”
Catherine: “Yeah. Till you caught me.”

Catherine: “Hey, I need to talk to you.”
Janitor: “I didn’t clean anything.”
Catherine: “It’s not about that.”

Catherine: “So, how’s your new toy working out?”
Warrick: “It’s been downsized.”
Catherine: “Bummer. I know how you wanted to see that thing work.”
Warrick: “Well, it’s the same difference really. Air is drawn into the glass tube. The chalk absorbs the chemicals from the air. And mass-spec will break it down at the lab.”
Catherine: “So why did you need the expensive one in the first place?”
Warrick: “Because it was cool.”
Catherine (smiles): “See you in homeroom.”

Warrick: “I was just telling Nick how you were a big bully in high school.”
Catherine: “A bully? All right, I guess I was. But, I mean, not the kind that people want to take a gun out and shoot.”
Warrick: “No.”
Nick: “No, no. You were the kind that guys fall all over themselves trying to impress.”
Catherine: “Like you, Nick, huh?”

Catherine: “The girls didn’t even notice your eyes?”
Warrick: “No, they used to tease me about my eyes. Called me names.”
Catherine: “Aww … Well, what do they know? They’re your best feature.”

Catherine: “Wears her dead mother’s perfume. Nice touch.”
Grissom: “Might be true. Scent triggers memory more acutely than any of the five senses.”
Catherine: “Yeah, well I smell a rat in the Framm family.”

2.05 Scuba Doobie-Doo

Catherine: “How the hell did he get up there?”
Nick: “Well, you know, Lake Mead is just over the hill and the copters are dropping water…”
Catherine: “You’re serious? That’s a total urban legend. We’re scientists, Nicky. No way that happened.”
Nick: “Okay…”
Catherine: “And I suppose you believe in Santa?”
Nick: “After today? Oh yeah.”

Catherine: “There goes your theory, Nick. Good try though.”

Catherine: “Hey, coffee boy. Where’s my DNA? Cigarette butt? Match book time-delay device? Hair spray? Any of this sound familiar?”
Greg: “Bags under the eyes, coffee cups, stressed face. Any of this look familiar? I’m working on it.”

Catherine: “Did Grissom put his stuff in front of mine?”
Greg: “No. I’m working on your case…with Nick.”

Catherine: “I just talked with your partner. Working this case without me, huh?”
Nick: “Huh?”
Catherine: “Greg Sanders?”
Nick: “Leggo my Greggo. He’s a CSI wannabe.”

Catherine (watching Nick acid etch the scuba tank): “Pretty smart thinking there…partner.”

Paul Newsome: “I’m, uh, all for being alone, but …”
Catherine: “Did you bring the file?”
Paul: Well, there goes the foreplay.”

Paul: “A capitalist’s wet dream. Buy low, sell high.”

Greg: “Hey, yo, Cat …”
Catherine: “I’m going to forget that you called me that.”
Greg: “Sorry.”

Catherine: “You’ve done your job. I gotta go do mine.”
Greg: “Just give me someone to compare it to.”

Nick: “Rocket Man.”
Catherine: “Yep. Gotta love this job.”

2.06 Alter Boys

Catherine: “A young woman, healthy, just reading a magazine. And all of a sudden, she d.f.o’s…”
Brass: “Done fell out.”

Spa Worker: “Guests were looking in. I put a robe on her. It’s not like it’s a crime or anything.”
Catherine: “Actually, it is.”

Super Dave: “I hate it when you CSI guys get all territorial.”
Catherine: “Yeah, well, the victim’s families hate it when we don’t.”

Spa Worker: “I told you we have no record Shelly Danvers specifically used the dry sauna.”
Catherine: “That’s okay, because we do.”

Spa Worker: “I was just trying to protect the hotel.”
Catherine: “From negligent homicide.”

2.07 Caged

Catherine: “One-on-one with a train. What? She think that she would beat it?”

Grissom: “Question is why did the SUV cross the tracks?”
Catherine: “To get to the other side.”

Grissom: “Sheriff says we’re holding up trains all over the country. The entire railroad division depends on keeping the main line open.”
Catherine: “Well, it’s not like we can take this back to the garage.”

Grissom: “This one’s all yours.”
Catherine: “Thanks, but you got to give me some guys.”
Grissom: “Sara’s all you get.”
Catherine: “All I need.”

Sara: “Looks like the tires were spinning in place, in reverse.”
Catherine: “Burning rubber, going nowhere.”
Sara: “So, which set of skid marks are telling the story?”
Catherine: “Maybe they both are.”

Catherine: “Let’s just cut the b.s. Where’s your car?”
Croft: “I sold it.”
Catherine: “You got proof of sale?” (He shakes his head)
Catherine: “An accountant who doesn’t keep receipts…”
Croft: “Hey, you don’t know anything about me!”
Catherine: “I know you’ve got a temper.”

Catherine: “I think I may know what set this guy off. He spilled his coffee.”
Catherine (on seeing lipstick on the lid): “Not a good color for Croft.”

Catherine: “Coffee on the outside, coffee on the inside. Lipstick on the lid.”
Sara: “She threw her coffee at him.”

Catherine: “Croft chases her from the parking lot, caught up to her at the light. They said their ‘Screw you, screw you’s’…”

Catherine: “I think I know the word that made her throw the coffee.”
Sara: “I hate that word.”

Catherine: “And that’s why you always cut the other driver some slack.”

2.08 Slaves of Las Vegas

Grissom: “To get to the evidence, we may destroy the evidence.”
Catherine: “You get these haikus out of a book or do they just come to you?”

Grissom: “Every time you find a body, you have to choose a path. And when you take that path, Grasshopper, you risk destroying the evidence.”
Catherine: “We grab a trowel and some fine mesh screens, and we just pretend like we’re panning for gold, Master.”

Catherine: “I’m thinking trade-in. Some lowlife gets tired of beating on the old model so he punches her ticket and starts shopping around for a version 2.0.”

Catherine: “Can you grab me one of those?”
Doc Robbins: “Left or right?”
Catherine: “Dealer’s choice.”

Catherine: “Dr. Cornfell! Catherine Willows, Las Vegas Crime Lab. I believe this is one of yours.”
Doctor: “Ah yeah, 414 series. Firm but plenty of give.”
Catherine: “Spare me the sales pitch.”

Doctor: “Real shame.”
Catherine: “I’ll tell you what’s a shame — that she was so pretty and perfect and still thought she needed implants.”

Doctor: “Why don’t you put yourself in her shoes.”
Catherine: “Trust me– I’ve been in her shoes. I got out of them.”
Doctor: “Oh, yeah, why is that?”
Catherine: “They were killing me.”

Grissom: “Are you sure the surgeon said this is where Mona Taylor worked?”
Brass: “Maybe she was a domestic?”
Catherine: “No domestic has a $10,000 rack, not even in Vegas.”

Catherine: “What’s that?”
Nick: “Liquid latex. Grissom found some on the victim. Sanders did a trace analysis. Stuff peels off like a glove.”
Catherine: “Handy.”

Catherine: “I feel like I’m trapped in the Marquis De Sade’s brain pan.”

Nick: “Yeah, I guess Lady Heather hasn’t quite cleared this room yet.”
Catherine: “Waiting for recess.”

Nick: “You know what I just realized – none of this weirds me out anymore.”
Catherine: “People are just as twisted in their own living rooms. The props are different here, that’s all.”
Nick: “Well, not everybody’s twisted.”
Catherine: “Everybody, Nick. Wake up and smell the species.”

Nick: “Catherine, you really think that those freaks out there running around with their little dog collars on, getting spanked, are the same as you and me?”
Catherine: “Just because you never did it, doesn’t mean you never could.”

Catherine: “There’s one thing you learn on this job and that’s human beings are capable of anything.”

Catherine: “How much does this place clear a week?”
Lady Heather: “Ten grand.”
Catherine: “I’m not with the IRS.”
Lady Heather: “Okay, twenty.”

Lady Heather: “Sex pays a lot better than death.”
Catherine: “Plus, the outfits are cooler.”

Catherine: “You got a good thing going here. The best part is these guys thinking getting slapped around and humiliated is their fantasy.”

Lady Heather: “When I thought Zoe was ready to hear it, I told her, ‘Honey, there are a lot of things you can give a man — your body, your time, even your heart. But the one thing you can never, ever, ever let go of is your power.'”
Catherine: “All my mother ever said to me was ‘Cash up front.'”

Lady Heather: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’ve got everything it takes to make a great dominatrix.”
Catherine: “I take that as a compliment.”

Grissom: “You got the yin. I’ve got the yang.”
Catherine: “Actually, I’ve got the yang and you’ve got the yin, at least as far as our watch molds go.”

Catherine: “Why do men always make everything look so tough?”

Catherine: “Like Hansel and Gretel, we just followed the bread crumbs all the way home.”

Catherine: “I just realized that you and I have a very healthy relationship.”
Grissom: “We do?”
Catherine: “Well, when we have a problem, I don’t paint Greg Sanders in latex and stick a straw up his nose.”
Grissom: “Good. He’d probably like it.”
Catherine: “Gil … you’re supposed to say something revealing back to me.”
Grissom: “Okay. I’ve never told anybody this, Catherine …”

Catherine: “That is not a Tijuana boob job. Those puppies are top-of-the-line.”

2.09 And Then There Were None

Catherine: “Can you imagine living out here?”
Sara: “It’s peaceful.”
Catherine: “Peaceful? The town just lost five percent of its population.”
Sara: “I thought you said this was a single homicide.”
Catherine: “Yeah, in a population of 20.”

Officer: “Two hours to drive 75 miles. You guys got lost.”
Catherine: “What’s the rush? Crime scene’s not going anywhere.”

Catherine: “If I start eating, I will shut up.”

Sara: “Do you have a mirror?”
Catherine: “Since when do you care about your appearance? At a crime scene, I mean.”

Grissom: “If you’re going to badger me about your crime scene location, put it in a memo.”
Catherine: “You don’t read memos.”

Catherine: “A regular Bonnie and Clyde. Just what Vegas needs.”

Catherine: “$250,000 turned a career cop bad.”
Grissom: “Yeah, well, he had his price.”
Catherine: “We all do.”

2.10 Ellie

Catherine: “And who’s supervising night shift?”
Grissom: “You are.”
Catherine: “Me? I am on the Red-eye to Reno. The Braun Family is opening a new casino. I am Sam’s date.”
Grissom: “That’s tonight?”
Catherine: “I told you once, memo’d you twice.”

Brass: “So, what, did Warrick tell you to call me?”
Catherine: “Do you think you’re the only friend I’ve got in the police department?”

Catherine (to Brass): “Hey, look, we all get a little crazy when our kids are involved.”

2.11 Organ Grinder

Nick: “What do you think, cocaine?”
Catherine: “No, I don’t think so.”
Nick: “How can you tell just by looking?”
Catherine: “Never you mind.”

Greg: “Hey Catherine, do you think Sara would ever go out with me?”
Catherine: “Sure. As long as you don’t tell her it’s a date.”

Catherine: “You have dandruff.”
Suspect: “Is that really proper etiquette?”
Catherine: “It is when I’m on a case.”

Suspect: “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Catherine: “Well, that’s dangerous to say to a scientist.”

Catherine (to suspect): “So, you just sat in the dark and aimed south of his belt…”

Brass: “Well, there’s only two reasons a woman shoots a man. She either loves him or hates him.”
Catherine: “Or both.”

Catherine: “Cream cheese…garlic cream cheese.”
Brass: “Hides the bitter aftertaste.”
Catherine (sniffs): “And explains away his bad breath.”

Catherine (holds out keys to both suspects): “This is yours, and these are yours. There’s the door. We build a case before we make any arrests.”

Catherine: “Bravo, ladies. You have got this down to a science.”

Catherine: “Why did it happen the first time? Hubby ignored you or abused you, or you got sick of him fooling around so you started slipping the cow stuff into his chocolate milk?”

2.12 You’ve Got Male

Catherine: “You find the bullet?”
Nick: “Yeah. But how am I going to get it out of there without damaging it?”
Catherine: “You know what the textbook says — if you’re not a hundred percent sure how to collect it, bring the whole thing in.”

Catherine: “He’s in the insurance business, and she buys a policy behind his back.”

Nick: “We’ve reduced a 360 degree crime scene to a 45 degree angle.”
Catherine: “Congratulations to us. It’s still a needle in a haystack.”

Catherine: “He was standing in front of this tree when he was shot. He didn’t try to get to his car, get help…he just sat down and waited to die.”

2.13 Identity Crisis

Grissom (in jail for contempt): “Do you have your mentholatum?”
Catherine: “Why? Are you getting a cold?”
Grissom: “No. The judge just got sloppy.”
Catherine: “Ahh…fuming.”

Catherine (to Grissom): “You’re never going to believe who Judge Mason’s fingerprints match. Judge Mason.”

2.14 The Finger

Catherine: “I’m also going to need you to strip.”
Roy Logan: “What?”
Grissom: “Vegas.”

Catherine: “Didn’t Shakespeare say ‘let’s kill all the lawyers’?”
Grissom: “Yeah. Henry VI. Where is he when we need him?”

Catherine (to Roy Logan, handing him his glasses) “Service-oriented policing.”

Logan: “He said if I talked to the cops…”
Catherine: “Yeah, I heard that part. I need a drink.”

Catherine (to Roy Logan): “Do us both a favor…relax.”

Catherine (to Roy Logan): “So, let’s get to know each other. You first. You were born, you came home from the hospital, then what?”

Catherine (to Roy Logan): “Give me the finger.”

Catherine (to Logan after slamming on the brakes & leaving skid marks on the road): “Sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve driven a sports car.”

Catherine (to kidnapper): “No. We need something more than just your word.”

Catherine (to Logan): “He had a shotgun. If all he wanted was the money, we’d both be dead.”

Catherine: “There was a kidnapping.”
Grissom: “I know — Amanda Freeman. She’s dead … and whoever touched the money probably has glow-in-the-dark paint on their hands.”
Catherine: “You got my clues?”
Grissom: “Yeah, nicely done. I know just about everything except … where are you?”

Lawyer: “I’m a lawyer. I work for my client. I did what he asked me to do.”
Catherine: “Your client?”
Lawyer: “Roy Logan.”
Catherine: “What are you saying? That Mr. Logan paid you to dress up as a bunny rabbit?”

Lawyer: “I just did what my client asked. I just played a part.”
Catherine: “So, basically, this was a stage play written by Mr. Logan?”

Catherine (about Roy Logan): “Son of a bitch. He had me completely fooled.”

Catherine: “Amanda broke the only rule. Don’t call the missus.”

Catherine: “So I did everything in my power to help him…”

Roy Logan: “You know, with all that money on my lap, we could’ve driven to Mexico.”
Catherine: “That’s right. You’re short one mistress.”

Catherine (to Logan): “I gotta hand it to you. That was a brilliant performance. But then again, any man who juggles a wife, a mistress and God knows what else, has to be a pro.”

Roy Logan: “You get so used to lying, you figure, what’s one more?”
Catherine: “Try explaining that to your son.”

2.15 Burden Of Proof

Catherine: “Body Farm…creepy.”
Grissom: “A Body Farm is not creepy. It’s a controlled study of situational decomposition. All in all, a very healthy place.”
Catherine: “Tell that to Slim hanging from the tree.”

Brass: “Well, whoever placed our victim here knew the body farm existed. What they didn’t know was each body is tracked by a bunch of scientists.”
Catherine: “You can’t just slip a card into the deck.”

Catherine (to Grissom when she sees a bug): “Oh, look. One of your friends.”

Grissom: “It’s a carpet beetle. It shouldn’t be here.”
Catherine: “Vic seem more like a hardwood floors kind of guy to you?”

Sara: “Wow, you got to go to the body farm?”
Catherine: “Yeah.”
Sara: “I’ve always wanted to go there. What was it like?”
Catherine: “Quiet.”

Sara (looking in the fridge): “Yeah. He’s got one of his experiments in there.”
Nick: “You’re kidding me.”
Catherine: “Bugs or blood?”

Catherine (to Brass): “The daughter clammed up. Seems to be in the ‘protect the abuser’ trap.”

Brass: “What are the chances mom knew what her boyfriend was up to ?”
Catherine: “I’ve seen it happen. As a mother, I hope not.”

Catherine: “Sara’s not going to be too happy with that experiment in the fridge.”
Grissom: “I’m putting it in the freezer.”

Jane (explaining why she canceled her wedding plans): “I just got cold feet.”
Catherine: “Convenient timing.”

Jane: “Mike would not do what he’s being accused of. Believe me.”
Catherine: “I’ll believe the DNA.”

Catherine (to Grissom, on why the case was expedited): “No jury was going to convict a father for killing his daughter’s abuser.”

Grissom: “Tough case, huh?”
Catherine: “Just give me a straight-ahead murder any day.”
Grissom: “Well, you wouldn’t be human if it didn’t affect you.”

Catherine: “I heard about you and… Sara.”
Grissom: “Sara. You know, she gets very emotional… ”
Catherine: “Are you in denial? No, that’s…no,no…way too analytical. Wow, you got burned bad, huh? Welcome to the club. I got third degree burns from my marriage. Happens to everybody. Everybody just moves on.”
Grissom: “Good. Let’s move on.”
Catherine: “But you have to deal with it. You have to deal with it first. You got to deal with it before it goes away. You are the supervisor. You have responsibilities, and people are making a family around you whether you like it not, whether you give them permission or not. We don’t have to go to the Grand Tetons together. Just, every now and then you got to lift your head up out of that microscope.”

2.16 Primum Non Nocere

Catherine (to doctor): “What do these guys play for? A little money, an imitation Stanley Cup…
Player (standing behind her): “We play for the pride of it.”
Catherine: “And the joy of kicking ass.”

Catherine: “What did you get from Area 51?”
Brass: “Terry Rivers was an instigator. Always stirring the pot.”
Catherine: “Every fire needs a match.”

Catherine: “How do men live like this?”
Grissom: “What’s wrong with it?”
Catherine: “Well, it’s a cave with hardwood floors.”
Grissom: “It’s clean – television, couch. What else does a guy need?”
Catherine: “Well, how about a plant? Anything that makes it a little more …human.”

Catherine: “It’s never a good sign when the number of women a guy sleeps with is greater than the number of chairs he owns.”
Grissom: “So, what’s the ratio here?”
Catherine (with ALS in hand): “Ballparking it, I’d say, four women to every one piece of furniture he owns, including the TV.”

Catherine: “So, I guess our guy is about three things – pucks, bucks, and … chicks.”

2.17 Felonius Monk

Jimmy Tadero: “Come on, Cath.”
Catherine: “Well, maybe I’m just afraid if I accept that he killed her, then it’s really over and Stephanie’s really dead…”

Catherine: “This was my old life.”
Warrick: “Yeah? We all have a past, huh?”

Warrick: “What exactly are we looking for?”
Catherine: “Piece of mind that they got the killer.”

Catherine: “So, why no photos?”
Warrick: “Want me to tag along?”
Catherine: “He’s my mentor. If he screwed up, I don’t think he’s going to want an audience.”

Catherine (to Ted, the club owner where she used to dance): “Jimmy changed my life. And no funny stuff, just mentor and pupil. The guy delivered me into a whole new life.”

Jimmy Tadero: “I helped the evidence along.”
Catherine: “Good evidence doesn’t need help. You taught me that one.”

Jimmy: “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I gave you your career.”
Catherine: “I earned my career. And you did this to yourself. You fabricated evidence, Jimmy.”
Jimmy: “You were two steps from turning tricks! This is the thanks I get?”
Catherine: “I danced – period. And instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think about this…when you were out there planting evidence on a case that you couldn’t break, Stephanie’s real killer got away. And he’s still out there. Because you sold the one thing a cop can’t afford to sell, your integrity. So you tell me, between the two of us, who’s the whore?”

Catherine (to Jimmy): “You can hate me all you want. I’m going to see you through this.”

2.18 Chasing The Bus

Nick (after finding vic’s wallet in glove box): “Yeah, bingo. I always take mine out. Pain in the ass.”
Catherine: “Literally.”

Catherine: “Whoever tampered with that tire was playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives.”

Catherine: “Look hard enough, everybody’s got a skeleton.”

Catherine: “Well, I’d hate to be a juror in a case like this.”
Grissom: “Second degree murder.”
Catherine: “Reckless disregard for safety and human life, mitigated by bad bolts.”
Grissom: “Yeah, which was mitigated by greed.”

2.19 Stalker

Grissom: “So, has anyone seen this dog?”
Catherine: “Dog bed, dog bowl, dog food. No dog.”

Catherine: “Triple locks on all the doors, every shade drawn, state of the art alarm system. Far as we know, her apartment was perfectly hermetically sealed until the cops battering ram their way in.”

Catherine (to Nick, while she’s bent over examining a hair on the bed): “Tweeze me.”

Nick: “I’ll get it to the lab.”
Catherine: “Oh, and don’t forget what’s under the bed.”
Nick: “Why, what’s under the bed?”
Catherine: “A little something that you would have caught eventually, Crime Stopper.”
Nick: “No one’s going to let me live that one down, are they?”
Catherine: “No. You know, not that you’re a celebrity, you may want to think about getting a new shirt.”

Doc Robbins: “I know two things for certain. Jane Galloway died from a lack of O2, and she’s a natural blond.”
Catherine: “What are you looking at me for?”

Catherine: “It’s as if she’s trying to make herself disappear.”
Sara: “Make no mistake about it, Jane Galloway was being stalked.”

Catherine (looking at the surveillance equipment in the attic): “Interesting collection of toys.”

Sara (referring to Nigel Crane’s collection of video tapes): “How’s the epic?”
Catherine: “Epic.”

2.20 Cats In The Cradle

Catherine: “Ugh. I didn’t think anything could mask the smell of a decomp.”
Grissom: “Male cat urine. To us, smelly. To a female cat, it must be like aftershave.”
Catherine: “Me-ow.”

Catherine: “You don’t look so good.”
David: “Allergic to cats.”
Catherine: “Oh, bummer.”

Grissom (looking at the body): “Wow.”
Catherine: “She could have died of natural causes. Three or four days, cats would have been looking for their next meal.”
Grissom: “Sure. Meat is meat.”
Catherine (watching Animal Control try to round up a wild cat): “Or maybe they turned on her.”

Grissom: “You know, house cats have only been domesticated for 4,000 years. They still have predatory instincts.”
Catherine: “Only 4,000?”

Warrick: “Phew. Eau de cat.”
Catherine: “Eau de match.”

Greg: “Well, I like to rub it all over a lady’s body. Even better, I like it when she rubs it all over me. And it’s also used as a stool softener…”
Catherine: “It’s also the only open lead in our case. Spit it out, Greg.”

Catherine: “You want to tell me why I swabbed their cat?”

2.21 Anatomy Of A Lye

Catherine: “So Greg said you guys are processing an S-Class.”
Grissom: “Yeah, what’s left of it.”
Catherine: “Now, that’s a crime. Oh, this would have broken my ex’s heart. Every weekend the guy’d be test-driving another Mercedes. I’d get myself all dressed up, make the dealer believe we could actually afford it. Damn…”

2.22 Cross-Jurisdictions

Catherine (to the security guard): “So you saw a baseball cap and sunglasses? Did you actually see the Chief’s face?”

Horatio Caine: “Child services has sent a doctor out.”
Catherine: “All right, let’s just be clear. This is a Las Vegas case. This is our victim and we do the processing.”
Horatio: “Okay, I didn’t say he processed her. I just said he was here.”
Catherine: “I appreciate the respect.”
Horatio: “You sure about that?”

Calleigh: “Oh, by the way, I’m Calleigh Duquesne. Don’t ask me how to spell it. Southern.”
Catherine: “Catherine Willows. Southern … Nevada.”

Calleigh: “You got a theory on how the mother and daughter ended up all the way in Miami from Las Vegas?”
Catherine: “We don’t really work theories. Do we, Warrick?”
Warrick: “No, just evidence.”

Horatio: “Let me ask you another question: When you’re home alone, do you lock the bathroom door?”
Catherine: “I don’t even know you.”
Horatio: “Sure you do. We all do. It’s human nature to avoid being vulnerable, isn’t it?”

Catherine (to Sasha): “Well, you know what always happens to bad people? They leave behind a part of themselves, and that’s how you can help us find your mommy.”

Catherine (to Grissom): “Wait! So, you’re telling me the guy has B.O.?”

Horatio: “So, how’s your colleague Grissom doing on the aroma angle?”
Catherine: “I’m sure he’s making progress, but Grissom rarely says anything until he’s good and ready.”
Horatio: “Smart man.”

Catherine: “Little girl saw a monster. Showgirl saw a husband. So this guy could be anybody.”

Catherine (watching the honey action at the club): “Yum! This is where he got the idea.”

Catherine: “Ready, honey?”
Horatio: “Coming, dear.”

Catherine (boarding the jet): “Gordon, did you drive your limo here?”

Catherine (to Gordon): “The husband didn’t die. You left us a witness and enough evidence to convict you in two states.”

Catherine (to Horatio): “I’ll have my D.A. call your D.A.”

Horatio: “You take care of yourself.”
Catherine: “I always do.”

Catherine: “Hello!”
Grissom: “Hey!”
Grissom: “Nice tan.”
Catherine: “Nice suit.”
Grissom: “Yeah, well, I knew you were coming back today, so I dressed up.”
Catherine: “Yeah. Right.”
Grissom: “Really.”
Grissom: “What?”
Catherine: “Nothing. It’s just…unusual to see you dressed like that.”
Grissom: “I had to go to the Chief’s funeral.”
Catherine: “Missed me that much, huh?”

2.23 The Hunger Artist

Catherine: “Very much a woman, yet still a little girl.”

Grissom: “Enema…the secret life of women.”
Catherine: “Don’t generalize. It’s not very scientific of you.”
Grissom: “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Rod: “I dropped her a couple of months ago.”
Catherine: “Did you forget to pack? We found men’s clothing and personal items at her place.”

Rod: “If you’re suggesting I was sleeping with her, I wasn’t.”
Catherine: “You run out of drawer space at your place?”

Warrick: “Wait, you’re telling me she weighed her bowel…”
Catherine: “Yeah, we bagged it.”

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